Become a Branded Cape Cod Video Sponsor

Are you a local Cape Cod business looking to strengthen your brands’ advocacy? Consider sponsoring one of our video productions and reach over 70,000 people who love Cape Cod too.

CapeCodMA.Life publishes a collection of natural landscape viral videos and mini-documentaries of historic places and popular destinations. Videos range from 3 to 5 minutes and can prominently feature the sponsors brand.

The CapeCodMA.Life series of social media pages provides a wide range of high-quality content and video services with a large local television audience, web and social media distribution network.

A significant portion of sponsorship fees are used to Boost each video. Standard 7-day Boosted run video sponsorship’s are featured on Facebook at CapeCod.MA.Life and shared to individual regional pagesĀ  to maximize organic views and paid reach. Longer terms are available.

Each sponsored video will also have a custom landing page at www.CapeCodMA.Life which will feature the sponsors logo, a short description and a trackback URL to the sponsors site, to help improve their site ranking.

If you are interested in learning more about how to reach our engaged and influential audience through a video sponsorship or banner promotion, please contact us directly at


A Moment of Zen – Health and Wellness Series
The Lighthouses of Cape Cod
The Parks of Cape Cod
The Ponds of Cape Cod
The Beaches of Cape Cod
The Regions of Cape Cod
The Trails of Cape Cod
The Homes of Cape Cod
The Wildlife of Cape Cod
The Historic Spots of Cape Cod

* Custom video productions are also available and can provide more direct creative collaboration.


We encourage you to provide any feedback or suggestions you might have about sponsorship opportunities on CapeCodMA.Life. Thank you in advance for your input.